Neurology Clinical Paths Curing Alzheimer’s Disease

Various approaches for treating patients with Alzheimer’s Disease.

CME: 0.75
Oncology EGFR-Positive NSCLC

Role of Biopsy and Molecular Testing in Determining Therapeutic Selection

CME: 1.0

Psychiatry Schizophrenia Management

Review relevant diagnostic and case history; respond to assessment and behavior questions; and make management decisions.

CME: 1.0

Pain PBA in the Psychiatric Setting

Neuropsychiatric practitioners must be aware of PBA.

CME: 0.5

Pain Pseudobulbar Affect

An estimated 7.1 million people in the United States have PBA.

CME: 0.5

Diabetes Participatory Medicine and Diabetes Care

Audio and synchronized slides with the goal to provide clinically focused education on insulin and non-insulin injectables, overcoming clinical inertia, and participatory medicine/the importance of patient education.

CME: 1.25
Pulmonology Face Alzheimer’s Disease with Science

The latest developments in the treatment of IPF presented at an international conference in Denver, Colorado.

CME: 0.75
Neurology Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis

This activity has been designed to meet the educational needs of neurologists, internal medicine physicians and other members of the neurology care team who have an interest in MS.

CME: 1.0


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