Neurology Expert Analysis of the Latest Multiple Myeloma Studies

Three recently published studies involving the management of patients with multiple myeloma.

CME: 1.0

Psychiatry Schizophrenia Management

Review relevant diagnostic and case history; respond to assessment and behavior questions; and make management decisions.

CME: 1.0

Pain PBA in the Psychiatric Setting

Neuropsychiatric practitioners must be aware of PBA.

CME: 0.5

Pain Pseudobulbar Affect

An estimated 7.1 million people in the United States have PBA.

CME: 0.5

Diabetes Participatory Medicine and Diabetes Care

Audio and synchronized slides with the goal to provide clinically focused education on insulin and non-insulin injectables, overcoming clinical inertia, and participatory medicine/the importance of patient education.

CME: 1.25
Neurology Multidisciplinary Care in Schizophrenia

Exploring Models, Addressing Barriers and Providing Optimal Treatment.

CME: 1.5



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