There are currently 46.3 million older persons in the United States: roughly one in seven Americans are senior citizens (US Department of Health and Human Services; Administration for Community Living). As older people continue to make up a larger portion of the population, the importance of geriatrics to the health of the general public will only increase. Below are articles discussing research in the field of geriatrics.

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MBSR and the Elderly

Synopsis: A study shows mindfulness-based stress reduction may improve mild-to-moderate depressive symptoms in elderly patients.

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GBS in Elderly Patients

SYNOPSIS: Among very old (older than 80 years of age) patients, the prognosis for Guillain-Barré is typically more severe, often with poorer recovery outlook.

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Testing Holistic Approaches to Combating Alzheimer’s

While there are currently many treatment methods to deal with the symptoms and disabilities of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), there is not yet a medical cure or vaccine to prevent or cure the disease. Progress is being made, but as of now, it is best to continue to pursue all avenues to find a definitive method to either reverse progression or altogether prevent development of Alzheimer’s in elderly patients.

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