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Allies in the Race Against Time: Navigating Alzheimer's Disease with Early Detection, Therapeutic Innovations, and Patient-Centric Care

Join in this 4-part curriculum designed to meet the educational needs of healthcare professionals who provide care for patients: Primary care clinicians including internists, family physicians, radiologists, neurologists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a progressive and devastating neurodegenerative disorder that affects a significant portion of the elderly population and is increasing globally. Recent advancements in disease-modifying therapies have brought hope for slowing or preventing disease progression and improving patient outcomes. However, timely diagnosis and early intervention are crucial for maximizing the likelihood of successful treatment. Clinicians, families, and researchers need to be aware of the importance of early recognition and diagnosis of AD, as well as the latest evidence on biomarkers that aid in early diagnosis. Additionally, understanding the mechanisms of action, efficacy, and safety data for new and emerging disease-modifying therapies is essential.

Series Courses