Women's Health

Women’s health not only includes specific issues like pregnancy and menopause but holistically encompasses a wide-range range of healthy-living issues. Women’s health is about understanding the uniqueness of life as a woman and best preserving that life through appropriate treatment and healthy choices. Read below for articles about women’s health.

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Prolonged Second Stage of Labor

SYNOPSIS: Recently a randomized clinical trial has demonstrated that a greater threshold for second stage labor time in nulliparous patients can lead to a significant decrease in the need for and rate of cesarean sections.

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Yoga for Prenatal Depression

When compared with other non-pharmacological treatments, yoga therapy lowers levels of prenatal depression, and these therapies are especially effective when incorporating meditation and relaxation techniques as opposed to exercise-only yoga therapy.

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Zika Virus Update — What Should Patients Know?

A Harvard Opinion Research Program report from a survey series conducted testing public response to health emergencies in the United States shows that around four in 10 adults in households with someone considering pregnancy or already pregnant are unaware that the Zika virus is transmitted sexually.

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Zika Virus Effects on the Fetus

SYNOPSIS: The Zika virus’s indolence in South American, Central American and Caribbean countries has not prevented concern from flourishing regarding its association with microcephaly and neurological impairment, especially as the 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil loom large.

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