Primary Care

Primary care is often the first line of defense against disease, and 87% of adolescents reported attending at least one primary care visit over the previous one to two years (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services). Linked below are articles discussing research findings in the field of primary care.

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Is Insomnia a Disease or a Symptom?

Synopsis: A limited pilot study determines most of the awakenings reported in insomnia patients were symptomatic of other sleep-disorders’ respiratory events.

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Immunization of Adults

Updates to adult immunization standards were approved by the National Vaccine Advisory Committee in September 2013.

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Aromatherapy for Treatment of Depression and Anxiety

SYNOPSIS: In a randomized double-blind study funded by the Schwabe company to test its own products, oral administration of lavender essential oil was demonstrated to be a better treatment of general anxiety disorder than SSRIs or placebo.

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