Asthma & Allergies

In 2013 alone, asthma claimed the lives of 3,630 people. 8.6% of all children currently have asthma and potentially one in six have mild to severe allergies. Diagnosis, treatment and management of asthma and allergies is predicated on informed and up-to-date medical care. Below are articles discussing asthma and allergies.

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Azithromycin to Prevent Asthma Exacerbations

SYNOPSIS: Though this study shows that azithromycin aids in preventing upper-respiratory infection’s progression to wheezing among young children, further testing is required prior to the widespread implementation of azithromycin treatment for preschool-aged children with colds.

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Rapid Onset of Asthma in Healthcare Workers

Selections from a recent NIOSH report described below detail convincing cases of exposure to environmental surface cleaning agents and disinfectants triggering work-related asthma in healthcare workers.

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