State of Emergency:
Improving Patients' Access to Breakthrough Virus Neutralizing Antibodies to Reduce COVID-19-related Hospitalization
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Series Courses
Join us for a 2-session CME/CE program designed to help healthcare providers recognize patients with mild to moderate COVID-19 at high risk of progression, counsel and educate patients and other care providers on those risks and the available treatment options, and orient patients to infusion centers. In the first Session, “Enhancing Access to COVID-19 Breakthrough Therapy with Virus Neutralizing Antibodies: Strategies for Equitable Care,” is designed to help clinicians counsel patients on the eligibility requirements for treatment with NAbs, facilitate patient access to breakthrough treatments, and locate an appropriate infusion center. Session 2, “Evidence and the Evolving Treatment Landscape for COVID-19 with Virus Neutralizing Antibodies,” expert faculty will review the requirements and rationale for the FDA’s emergency use authorization (EUA), along with efficacy and safety data for NAbs and treatment combinations.