Endocrinology / Ophthalmology / Primary Care

Case: 57-Year-Old Hispanic Female with Undiagnosed T2D

CME: .25

Target Audience

This activity has been designed to address the educational needs of clinicians involved in the care and management of patients with or at risk for diabetic retinopathy (DR)/diabetic macular edema (DME), including PCPs (ie, internists, family physicians, nurse practitioners, and PAs), endocrinologists, optometrists, comprehensive ophthalmologists, residents, retinal specialists, and retinal fellows.

Program Overview

Many populations face barriers to healthcare. Some of these barriers are defined as social determinants of health (SDOH), which are outward conditions that affect access to and uptake of healthcare resources, including education levels, healthcare costs, and language barriers. These determinants can be mitigated by clinicians who seek the root reasons behind nonadherence of patients to office visits, taking medication, and follow-up care. This interactive case consult examines a Hispanic woman whose health is challenged with diabetes and its complications, including DR, identifies how SDOH have affected her life and presented a barrier to maintaining optimal health, and provides strategies for clinicians to employ in ensuring her optimal health.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this activity, participants should be better able to:

  • Identify barriers to diabetic eye care in vulnerable patient populations, such as older patients and racial and ethnic minorities
  • Implement strategies that are proven to address disparities in diabetic eye care among underserved patient populations, including racial and ethnic minorities, and older patients

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